How to put on our long eared Batgirl cowl

EDIT: We have retired this version of the cowl (with the attached neck) since someone custom commissioned a version without the neck and that seems to be generally preferred by cosplayers. 

 We send a leaflet with more tips to everyone who commissions this cowl from us but we thought we put this video together for new Batgirls who never owned a full cowl with neck before. It’s very different to putting one on that’s a head piece only (those are super easy.) 

This is how it works best for US and how WE put this one on.
You may find your own way of doing it but at least you have a starting point 🙂

DISCLAIMER: This is just to show how WE do it. Whether or not you take tips from it is up to you to decide.
We take NO responsibility for any harm to yourself or your cowl. Treat your cowl with respect for it to last many years.

Hope it helps some of you 🙂

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