How to put on a urethane rubber Batman cowl

How to put on one of our cowls (a “full” cowl with an attached neck.
This obviously doesn’t apply to head pieces as there’s no neck to get through):
Since we started “coating” the inside of our cowls in May 2020, you shouldn’t need additional lubrication for them (obviously doesn’t apply to cowls cast before then).

But as always: never say never as there may be someone out there with an unusual head shape or their head is just too big for the cowl they purchased (use common sense here and don’t force a huge head into a dinky cowl!) and the super slick coating/texture on the inside of the cowl isn’t enough. In this case, refer to our old “how to put on a Batman cowl” video.

Disclaimer: This is how WE like to put on and take off a cowl. How you do it is up to you but we figured we post our preferred way as cosplayers ask us all the time about this. Everything you do is obviously at your own risk and your responsibility.

Tiger Stone FX