How to put on a urethane rubber Batman cowl

PLEASE WATCH THIS ON A COMPUTER as Youtube doesn’t show annotations (they’re very important…) on mobile devices.

We often get questions from new cosplayers about how to put on a cowl.
Some have trouble when trying to put on their new cowl as heads are obviously wider than necks.

So here you go. This is how it works best for US and how WE put cowls on.
You may find your own way of doing it but at least you have a starting point 🙂

DISCLAIMER: This is just to show how WE do it as we get asked about it a lot. Whether or not you take tips from it is up to you to decide.  We take NO responsibility for any harm to yourself or your cowl.

• We used our most form fitting cowl for this.
• It’s the same process for all 1 piece cowls.
• some people like to use baby powder, we prefer water as it just disappears and doesn’t make a mess.

Hope it helps some of you 🙂



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