How to attach your face mask

This information is supplied as general guideline ONLY.
ALWAYS be sure to read the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions.
We take no responsibility for any harm to yourself or the mask through misuse.

Most of the face masks we make are designed to be worn without a strap.
You can attach your mask to your face with pros aide or something similar.
Make sure to check first that you’re not allergic to these glues 🙂
Note: We don’t sell adhesive. Check google, eBay etc for a seller in your country.

How do I attach my mask to my face?
We recommend Pros-Aide (it’s a medical grade, water based adhesive for the skin) and remover (Snappy G is a very good adhesive too). You can use what you want of course but we found these two to be best. As for positioning the mask (try it without adhesive first), you will notice that the back of the mask actually is shaped and will sit just fine on your face if you have it where it’s meant to be. If you have any gaps or parts aren’t touching your face, reposition the mask. (Many people wear their mask too low, so it “hangs” off their eyebrows, which is not how these are designed and meant to be worn and it also doesn’t look great). Apply the adhesive to the back of the mask and your face (where the mask will be. It’ll stick for longer that way). Wait until it’s become clear and tacky, then press the mask on to your face and hold in place for a few moments.
Done and ready to get your hero on! 🙂  This works for all contact adhesives.

Check out the video by Gasper Gray (he’s an amazing Nightwing cosplayer) on how to apply a mask (and more tips for “becoming Nightwing”). Give him a follow on his YouTube channel and Instagram

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