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Update July 6th 2020.
As you all know, the world’s got a lot of issues since beginning of this year, which results in a lot of extra stress for all of us.
We hope to do a run soon, when we feel we’re able to take on the extra work. Tanja’s hands/wrists haven’t gotten better either, so that’s a huge factor as well. Please take good care of yourselves and your loved ones <3 🙂

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Small face mask run info,
mailing list

Please READ all of this before signing up to the mailing list! Most people do but there are still some who sign up without reading anything and then say they don’t understand how (very easy) it is to order. 

To control our workload a little more (don’t forget, we’re not a factory. We’re just 2 people creating and making all these pieces for you guys. We also make a lot more than just small face masks)
 we decided to change how all of our small face masks can be ordered. (To be perfectly honest, the decision was either stop making the face masks or start to do “runs”. We went with runs cuz we know you guys love our masks and we love seeing you with them <3 )

★★★Very short version of the long description (with all details) that’s below (which you should still read once at least, so you know how things actually work and have a bit of backstory!):
1. Sign up to the mask mailing list
2. Buy as soon as you get the email when our next run is on (we even give you a 1 hour slot the masks go live in, so you can plan!)
3. Done 😉 – Super easy ★★★

We will (for now) do runs on the ☆2nd☆ and ☆16th☆ of each month, take a limited amount of orders each time and then take them down again until the next time. (apart from times where we’re closed (or sick), …or too busy to take more orders for them (for example in the Halloween and Christmas season (we usually also take time off in Dec/Jan). Make sure to plan ahead! 🙂 Generally we do the regular runs twice a month for most of the year up until at some point in September when the Halloween season gets extra busy. After Halloween we usually try to do a run before Christmas if we can, at some point in November. To make it short: mask runs are regular for most of the year (during con season) with few exceptions.

This way our stress levels stay a little lower and we can also keep the time from order until dispatch lower than we’ve had before we were doing runs, where we reached 6-8 weeks. Our health thanks us as well. RSI / Carpal tunnel from mixing lots of batches of rubber every day when we still used to take small face mask orders at any time, burnout…If that got worse, it would mean not making anything at all for a long time. And as much as we love you guys, we’re not risking/damaging our health for costume pieces 🙂 haha.

****All this ONLY applies to our small face masks. All other pieces can be ordered as usual. 
You can buy everything else that’s in our shop at any time.
—> *Please* don’t message to ask at what time exactly they go up in the shop or IF they go up in the shop “today” or how much they are. (Prices and all other details are in our shop and shipping is £12 worldwide and £5 in the UK. 👍😊.) It’ll generally be at some point between 9PM and 10PM UK time (go here to see what time that is in your country) …can’t guarantee it, though as s*** beyond our control can happen. All the face masks that are in our shop will be put live then.
Otherwise all we’ll be doing all day is reply to messages asking about this, instead of being productive and making things (edit April 2018: we don’t reply to these emails anymore). Just sign up to the mailing list and you will get notified immediately when we put them live.
Thanks 😉 We really appreciate you guys cooperating. 💙 <—

By putting them up at 2 different dates every month, everyone gets a chance to grab one because we know a lot of you need to wait for their payday to place an order. 🙂 If you miss a run, the next one isn’t far off 🙂 (you’ll know you missed it cuz the masks aren’t available when the run is full)

☆You can see all of our face masks in our shop.☆

—> Join our eye mask mailing list, so you don’t miss our mask runs (fill out the form below 😊) <—
We send out an email via the list at the same time we put them up in the shop every 2nd and 16th (as mentioned above). Tip: The past runs have filled up in around 2-3 hours or less, so be quick when the email comes through 🙂

Make sure to add the email addy to your email client’s address book, that way the emails hopefully won’t land in your spam folder.

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