Small face/eye masks updates:

March 14th, 2021.
Well, Covid is still a thing. Conventions still aren’t.
Hand/wrist health hasn’t improved for those of you who care (have a look here for info about why we started to do “runs” for our small face masks to begin with and how they used to work).

At this point we’re not sure if we want to start runs again…OR if we maybe just want to make some small masks when we have some time and list them when we have a small batch ready to go…OR maybe try and just have them up in our shop at any time for you guys to buy. The latter certainly would take some experimenting as going by past experience, orders for the small masks take over (which isn’t something we intend to let happen again since we make so much more than these small masks). We’ll have a think and will let you know once we’ve decided. 🙂 And just to say it again: This ONLY applies to the small face/eye masks (aka sidekick masks). Everything else that is available in our shop can be ordered at any time. 

Tiger Stone FX