BvS gauntlet measurements & tips

•  Rough measurements taken on the inside of the gauntlet as that’s what matters for size, not the outside.
They’re hard to measure due to the muscle shapes.
36cm around the top
22.2cm around the wrist
25cm long

The above measurements are just for the gauntlets themselves, NOT the hand wraps.
The hand wraps were designed and sized to fit on top of the bottom of the gauntlet, around the wrist.

•  We found that thin driving or search gloves work well with the wraps.

•  Don’t forget you’ll also be wearing your suit under these, some people like to add a little “muscle” as well and you’ll probably tuck your gloves in the gauntlets around the wrist 🙂

•  This is how we find it easiest to put gauntlets on

•  If you have small arms, you can pad them out OR you can remove part of the gauntlet from the inside/underside (the bit you can’t see from the front) of the arm and glue a zipper in (NEVER sew anything on to rubber. It weakens the structure. Common sense really but we thought we mention it anyway :)). Measure WELL and accurate before doing this. Because once cut, that’s it! This is obviously done at your own risk but again, if you measure properly before cutting you should be fine 🙂

☆ Here’s a pic of our friend “Dynamite Webber”, who cut his gauntlets to make them smaller and glued in a zipper. ☆

Dynamite Webber zipper Tiger Stone FX gauntlets


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