Some of the most common questions answered:

• How can I commission one of *insert item* that I’ve seen on your website?
Please click “Shop” in the menu 🙂

• How can I get one of your small eye/face masks (like Nightwing, Robin, Arrow, Harley Quinn etc)?
You can find all info about how face mask runs work here.

• I’ve seen you’re working on a new *insert piece name*. Has it been finished yet?
We post on our social media when we’ve finished a new piece and often along the finishing and molding process as well. If what you’re looking for hasn’t been posted about yet and it’s not in the shop, it’s not finished yet.

• Do you take on custom commissions (new pieces that we haven’t created yet)?
–> Please send us a message with what exactly you’d like us to make for you, when you need it by and what your budget is. We’ll then let you know what we can do for you / if we can help.
Custom commissions for: cowls start at £850, gauntlets start at the same, helmets at £1k, face masks £150, chest emblems at £85, larger masks like a Batwoman for example at £350 (we can make more things of course but we can’t list every type of costume here 😉 ) — We also don’t always have time to take on custom commissions and can’t take on everything because we’re just 2 people and have to use our time effectively. We plan months ahead when it comes to new projects and are generally very busy. Please keep that in mind and get in touch WELL ahead of the date you’d like it for 🙂

• Do you guys do tutorials on how to make things ?
Nope 🙂 Google is your friend. You’ll find everything you want to know on there.

• What’s the best way to clean my face mask, cowl, gauntlets etc (everything made of urethane rubber)?
Armor-All Dashboard wipes work nicely for face masks, cowls etc (basically everything that’s made of urethane rubber). Get either matt or gloss depending on the look you prefer (gloss won’t make your mask actually glossy (unless the mask IS glossy of course), it will just give it a nice sheen). They will keep your piece looking new and clean. There are lots of other ways of course.
Everyone’s got a preferred method (some like water and dish soap to clean, some like “poor boys natural look”. etc etc Just do some experimenting to find your favorite.

• How can I find out what’s new/ what you’re working on at the moment / if a new project you’ve seen us post about has been finished?
Make sure to follow us on Instagram and give our Facebook page a like and click “add to interests list” as well because Facebook won’t show you all of our updates otherwise. We’re also on Twitter, Deviant Art, Pinterest, Snapchat (TigerStoneFX) and Tumblr

• Where can I see photos of people wearing your stuff?
Check out the “Gallery” here on our website, our Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts (the “photos of” sections) and #TigerStoneFX on the social media platforms that support hashtags.

Have a question that hasn’t been answered here?
Please send us a message

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